Sunday, 12 September 2010

Thoughts from St Petersburg

Just returned from St Petersburg for 24 hours shooting an interview for a private client. Excellent footage. The last time I was in St Petersburg was 1993 on the film Grushko. We were there slightly longer (3-4 months) at that time. Now the whole atmosphere has changed. Much more lively and open although a lot less stressful than Moscow. Travelled up on the new high speed express railway. Fantastic experience, better than air travel. Everything went well just a shame couldn't stay longer.

Revisiting St Petersburg after all this time and essentially returning as a film maker whereas before I was working on somebody else's production, has given me food for thought. The question that is exercising me the most is marketing my films - those which are already complete and those which will be available over the coming months. For instance I am putting the finishing touches to "The Japanese Garden - Art, Landscape and Meaning". A film, which as its title suggests, will explore the artistic and philosophical meaning of Japanese gardens. As  soon as this is ready I will be straight onto another project which is also in post production "Stanislavsky and the Metamorphosis of Russian Theatre. The problem I am finding is coordination of the marketing of this material across the Internet. It really is a full time activity in itself but an absolutely key component of film making and is becoming more so. I have a number of sites and blogs etc across social networks and need to draw them together into some kind of coherent strategy or at least align them along some strategy which I actually don't have as yet.

One idea I have had for the release of "The Japanese Garden - Art, Landscape and Meaning" is to simultaneously publish an e-book in monthly instalments, recounting the 2 three month shoots in Japan which went into the making of the film. This I think will help promote the film, provide background information to the subject as well as adding an extra dimension to the whole project.

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