Saturday, 25 June 2011

Work on "Ogasawara" book close to completion

Last few days quite subdued while taking stock and trying to develop ideas for new projects. A few days working on the last pieces of the book "Journey to Ogasawara" which is gradually taking shape and will be ready to be published as an e-book at first and then as a paperback as well. Am editing footage which was shot on Ogasawara as part of the film "David Burliuk and the Japanese Avant-garde" but which wasn't included in the film itself. Quite a lot of material as it turns out. I am editing the farewell send off which is part of the island's tradition, a mixture of Japanese and it would seem Polynesian traditions. I need to add a few graphics and pictures and the e-book will be ready for publication.
Summer in Moscow is a quiet affair with many people leaving at weekends for their dachas so that their is a sensation of Moscow being emptied which on the one hand is a pleasant alternative to the usual frenzied pace which is a character of the city. However it is an eerie sensation all the same. Did some filming on the flip camera around the location for film on which I worked some years ago across the road from the Library of Foreign Literature not far from Taganka. Walked back from there to Kitae Gorod and back home on the metro.

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