Tuesday, 1 February 2011

"Faces of Moscow" Photographic exhibition in Moscow

The snow is starting to melt as the days become warmer here in Moscow. All day the "alpenists" have been nosily clearing snow and ice from the roof of our apartment block. A long day with not a great deal to show for itself in many ways although our Japanese lesson always makes us feel good. Learning Japanese through Russian is a unique experience but I prefer it. It keeps my language skills sharp. At the moment working hard on the editing for"Stanislavsky and Russian Theatre". Its gradually coming together and hopefully I will hit the end of February deadline.
Yesterday visited a friends exhibition of photographs at the House of Journalist in Moscow. Slava Sachkov exhibited together with the photo journalist Sergie Shevtzov a series of photographs reflecting Russian life and people. Slava has photographed the portraits of many of Russia's most influential cultural figures including Solzhenitzyn. We have worked together on various occasions and I am glad to say he was the camera operator on two of the films in the series about the Russian avant-garde -  "Mayakovsky" and "Meyerhold Theatre and the Russian Avant-garde" Therefore its a real pleasure to see his work exhibited at this major exhibition in Moscow. 
Below is a selection from the exhibition.
Poster for exhibition "Faces of Russia"