Friday, 23 August 2013

The Russian Avant-garde – Renaissance or revolution - Book of the film series

Book of the film series – More about the book I am writing in conjunction with the Russian Avant-garde film series. The series of six arts documentary films is already complete and has been for some time. They consist of:

 Alexander Rodchenko and the Russian Avant-garde 
Architecture and the Russian Avant-garde
 Meyerhold Theatre and the Russian Avant-garde Kandinsky and the Russian House 
David Burliuk and the Japanese Avant-garde

 I have always wanted to write a book based on the material in the 6 films but also including additional material which I have collected over the years as well as much material which could not be included in the films themselves. I have now started the book and I am well into writing and collating material. The point of the book will be to expand the subjects outwards and in depth both visually and textually. Plus I will add material like interview transcripts and new articles. As yet there is no dedicated site for the book but that may change in the future. For the time being I will make post here or on +Michael Craig and Copernicus Films