Tuesday, 23 May 2017

The Fairground Booth book and film - News and progress

The last chapter of the first draft of The Fairground Booth is now being completed which will be the basis of the book. Why is this important. It is important because once the book is finished and published a script will be adapted to make a film about Blok, Meyerhold and The play "The Fairground Booth" This film is actually being edited already even though all the material has not been shot and the script is only part finished. Having said that, good progress has been made on this project and both the film and the book will make a significant contribution to The Russian Theatre Film Series

This series consists of 3 films: Meyerhold Theatre and the Russian Avant-garde, Stanislavsky and the Russian Avant-garde and Vakhtangov and the Russian Avant-garde Also included in the series is the book Michael Craig and the Russian Theatre Film Series 

I have decided to use the Copernicus Films site now as the main hub of all the material connected with my work. I have been using a blog (which I will continue to maintain) but this will be the centre where everything gets published and all the news is distributed and all the other sites I have will connect to this site. anything published on another site will end up here.

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