Sunday, 29 November 2020

Eisenstein and the Russian Avant-garde

The Old Believers Bell Tower in Moscow
The Old Believers Bell Tower - Moscow

Editing is going OK on the film "Eisenstein and the Russian Avant-garde". There has been a definite shift in the way I am working and editing. With this film, Instead of trying to work through things logically I am letting the work take me along with it and seeing where it goes. This is having much more positive results. I have established a basic framework which, a base outline so to speak can now be embellished and developed and this is working well. I have stopped worrying too much about the logical narrative and just going where the images and ideas take me. I can then reconnect this new material back to the main body of the film, not necessarily in the order I expected. However, the main thing is the material is growing and developing in a way which will enrich the film in its entirety. This is an  unexpected move for me and a new approach one could say to my film making. I am beginning to break out of some of the rigid patterns which I had set for myself earlier. This I think will feed into other film projects some of which have stalled. Must also finish some of the writing projects/book I have started. The  book about The Fairground Booth is more or less finished it just needs editing and redacting etc. Eisenstein film has taught me a lot about film making it has released me and confirmed for me many things.