Film production courses for Russians (English version)

Feature Film production Management - an overview: Learn the basics of the three main stages of producing a film for foreign, mainly English speaking markets. From the initial idea to delivering a fully completed film. Includes:

Pre Production

  • Script Development,and  acquiring the rights to a script book or other property. Legal and Financial. 
  • Budget and Cash flow preparation
  • Scheduling a production


  • Crew (who does what)
  • Working with actors (Casting,Hiring, working with agents etc)
  • Shooting the film day to day running of film. (call sheets etc)
  • Working on a film set

Post production

  • Editing
  • Sound (crew and basics) 
  • Delivery of film

7 week course 70,000 rubles

Script-writing: Produce a script from an initial original idea through a synopsis to a fully fledged feature film script using digital tools available to professional scriptwriters. Learn how to structure a script, create characters and dialogue in English for the English speaking market. 

  • Initial Idea
  • Treatment (synopsis)
  • Character Development
  • Script Structure and Plot
  • First draft
  • Second Draft
  • Final Draft

10 week course 80,000 rubles

Documentary Films. Learn to produce a documentary film in English.

  • Writing a documentary script
  • Working with and finding archive material. Also working with stock footage.
  • Voiceovers, sound recording
  • Lighting and conducting professional interviews.
  • Copyright and working with archives
  • Working with green screens
  • Film Festivals/Distribution/Film and TV Markets - Cannes,Berlin,Toronto etc, Distribution, Crowdfunding(Round up of course)

6 week course 65,000 rubles

Combining graphics and film - Photoshop and Non linear editing, composing graphics. Compositing, working with green screens, integrating Photoshop, and other Adobe products into your film making. 

4 week course.50,000 rubles

Michael Craig has worked for:
The BBC, Paramount Pictures and Various UK film companies as a production Accountant concentrating on the field of financial management for feature films. He was a script consultant for the UK European Script Fund for several years.
He is the Producer,Writer and Director of a series of 8 documentary films and the author of 3 books.
Founder of Copernicus Films.

These courses are especially beneficial for Russians thinking of working in film and television in Western Europe or America. They afford the opportunity to learn the business of film (working practices and methods) in an English speaking environment and simultaneously learn the English language with an emphasis on vocational intent.

After completion of each course a letter of recommendation will be provided by Copernicus Films showing the successful completion of the course.

Tel: 8916 069 3952

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