Film Production Service in Russia

If you are intending to film anything from an interview for a news agency or material for  advertising, documentary or a feature film Michael Craig and Copernicus Films has almost 20 years of experience filming  in Russia and can help you organise every aspect and stage of the production.

NEWStock footage service of Moscow and Russian regions
  • Consultation
  • Development/Preparation
  • Location services
  • Budgeting
  • Scheduling
  • Script and translating services
  • Film personnel and crewing for productions
  • Equipment Hire – cameras lighting,transport,
  • Production – both documentary and feature
  • Sound recording
  • Computer graphics and special effects
  • Post production 

  • Archive acquisition and copyright
  • Drone and Aerial footage

Based both in London and Moscow, Michael Craig and Copernicus Films has almost 20 years experience of film making in Russia. Michael Craig has been involved in major international feature film production and has extensive knowledge of international production models and  integrating them with local production practice
Copernicus Films  also produces its own films – recently completed a 6 part documentary series with locations in Russia, Germany and Japan and a 3 part documentary series about Russian Theatre

Copernicus Films
85 Great Portland St, 
London W1W 7LT

Tel: +7 916 069 3952
Mob: 07973224736

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